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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Durable Dog Toys

Durable high quality tough dog toys for interactive play or training. Many unique styles to choose from for small to large dogs.

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Health Directory for Puppies and Dogs
Diagnosing health issues for dogs or puppies is far different than dealing with illnesses in humans. By knowing what to look for and how to check, we can help keep our pets healthy and treat them properly when they do need medical attention. This site is a great resource for dog owners.

123 Foods Dogs Can and Can't Eat
This is the most comprehensive guide about foods dogs can and can’t eat safely. 
A useful resource listing of the most common pet procedures and their costs.

The Ultimate Guide to Financial Aid for Pets
Simple Dollar’s state-by-state guide providing a list of resources and organizations offering financial assistance to pet owners in need.

Cost of Owning a Dog
Before committing to dog ownership, you should understand the monetary responsibility involved to ensure a positive outcome for both you and your new best friend.

23 Ways to Save Money on Pets
Learn how to spend less and still treat your pets right. Here are 23 ways to save on pet care, starting with choosing the right pet.

Dog Breed Guides
Helpful dog breed guides where you can learn more about your favorite breeds, their unique characteristics, and what the biggest potential threats to their health can be.

Dog Breeds from A to Z
An interactive list to help you identify the different dog breeds and also learn a few pieces of key information about them.

New Puppy Preparation Guide
The new pet parent's guide to bringing home a puppy.

Pet adoption site where pets find their people.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?
Read this guide to learn what pet insurance is, how it works, and what it covers.

Pet Insurance Buyer's Guide
This buyer's guide by Consumer Affairs helps you compare brands, different types, expert reviews, and even a survey to determine if you need pet insurance.

Best Pet Insurance Reviews for 2019
Reviews of the best pet insurance plans, complete with ratings on coverage, how they handle claims, reimbursements, deductibles, limits, and more.

Pet Friendly Travel Guide
If you’re considering taking a pet along on a vacation or are moving and need to transport your pets to your new residence, you’ll find lots of helpful information here.

Top 20 Dog-Friendly Cities of 2019
Check out this list of the top 20 dog-friendly U.S. cities that also have the highest number of dog walkers and sitters, along with each city's most popular breed.

Guide to Flying with Pets (and getting rewarded for it)
Know the airline's pet policies before making your reservations.

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Pets on Trains within the U.S.
This helpful guide will help you plan for your trip and rounds-up the pet policies for each train operator listed by individual state.

Safety Tips for Traveling with Your Pets
Traveling with Pets: Car, Airplane, and General Safety Tips.

Security Cameras and Pet Safety at Home
Safety tips on caring for your pets while at home. This safety guide was brought to you by Lucy, from Ms. Murphy's Class at  Thank you!

Pet Safety Guide: Pet-Proofing and Emergency Safety at Home
Learn how to pet-proof your home inside and out to provide a safe, pet-friendly environment for your new cat or dog.

Safety Guide for Pets in Your Car
Guide for safe and comfortable driving with pets.

Benefits of Pets for Kids - The Essential Guide
This guide will look at the impact pets have on children, what it takes to own a pet, and will demonstrate how a pet is a healthy addition to any child’s upbringing.

Providing the best life for your senior or disabled pet
Informaton on keeping your furry friend safe and comfortable as a senior or special needs pet.

Assisted Living for Seniors with Pets
Benefits and risks of owning a pet in an assisted living facility.

Improving Pet Safety at Home 
Tips and articles to keep your pet safe in every area of your home. This link brought to you by the students in Mrs. Lowe's class in Delaware. Thanks for sharing this great resource with us!

Sleeping With Your Dog
It's a time-honored tradition but is sleeping with your dog the best way to sleep?  Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of welcoming your dog into your bed.

The Best Dog Beds for Every Shape and Size
A review of the best dog beds on the market, plus everything you need to know before you buy.

The Ultimate Clean-House Guide for Dog Owners
Helpful information and great tips on how to maintain a clean home, and a clean dog.

Ultimate Guide to Removing Pet Hair From Your Home
Ultimate tips and tricks for removing pet hair from your home, car, furniture, and clothes.

Cleaning Basics for Pets & Humans in the House
Great article from Busy Bee Cleaning Service on how to keep your home clean when you live with a pet.

Keeping the House Clean with Pets
How to keep your home spic and span while living with pets.

Smoking and Animals
Healthy habits for healthy pets. For many, pets are considered to be family members. This is why special consideration should be given when making choices concerning smoking. Second-hand smoke is a danger to the heart and lungs of your pets, as well.

Check out for Dachshund information; read reviews, view photos and ask questions.

Brads Bullies
Southern California's premier French and English Bulldog breeders. We specialize in producing French and English bulldogs with amazing health, structure, and temperament… and last but not least, looks!

Basic Training for Dogs
Basic dog training articles from the American Kennel Club. Everything from how to walk well on a leash to being comfortable with strangers.

Dog Training -
Get your dog to listen to you, anywhere you go. Professional dog trainer reveals dog training information on how to get maximum results in minimal time.

Stop Dog Barking Today
Learn techniques on how to stop dog barking, whether it's your dog or your neighbors.

Emergency Vet Anaheim
Yorba Regional Animal Hospital and Pet Resort provides 24 hour emergency veterinarian service to give your loving member the best medical care and treatment. We proudly serve the regions of Anaheim, Orange County and Riverside County, California. Call us at 714-921-8700 to schedule an appointment.

Pet Sitting is an innovative website connecting pet owners with professional pet sitting providers.

Canine Cooler
Canine Cooler-4less offers high quality cooler beds that can provide a cool spot for your pet to lie down to beat the heat. These are not just your ordinary cushioned pet beds. These cool beds are made from soft yet durable materials that will give a comfy life to your dog.

Dogs Now
Search classified ads for dogs by breed, age, location and more.

Dog Walker matches qualified pet owners seeking dog walking, pet sitting, pet boarding, pet grooming and other pet related services, to an elite network of insured & bonded pet service professionals.

Rancho Viejo Animal Hospital
Rancho Viejo Animal Hospital proudly serves the communities of Ladera Ranch, Mission Viejo, Coto De Caza and the entire Saddleback Valley (California). Contact us at 949-365-0101 to schedule an appointment.

Pet Sitting Services is a directory of companies or individuals that provide pet sitting and other pet related services. You can search for a pet sitting service simply by entering your zip code.

Paws N Claws Pet Transport
Door-to-door pet Ground Transport Service. We offer pet transport, dog shipping, cat shipping and pet shipping.

Dog & Pet Supplies
Pet Street Mall has name brand pet supplies as well as many unusual items and hard-to-find larger sizes are here, for your dog or any type of pet.

Xtreme Comfort Harnesses
World's best selling humane leashes, collars and accessories featuring comfort grip handle and shock absorbent material to save owner and dog from constant jerking motion.

Pet Doors
Moore Pet Supplies - Official Site for Pet Doors offering a comprehensive selection of dog doors and cat doors for walls, doors, patios, screens and windows.

Big Paw Designs
Unique Accessories for hip dogs, cool cats and pet lovers. Pet jewelry, pet gifts, collar charms, magnets and more! Made in the USA since 2002.

Puppies For Sale
Find Your Best Friend From Ethical, Responsible Dog Breeders At

Horses For Sale Online
Animaroo Horses is the place to be if you're trying to sell your horses or looking to buy a new horse.

Tangle Free Super Couplers
Tangle Free Super Couplers. Our Standard and Security Model Leashes have enough power to control two full-size animals, so hook ’em up and go!

Dog Tag City
Military dog tags make great ID for people and their pets.

Professional Training American Bulldog Breed Equipment
Best quality American Bulldog accessories: collars, harnesses, leashes and muzzles, bite sleeve, dog toys, etc.

Discount Frontline Plus for Dogs & Cats
Fast, Free Shipping.

Dog Crates
Midwest Homes For Pets produces and markets a variety of containment products for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals.

AKC Cane Corso Italian Mastiff Puppies
We are a small family owned kennel in Northern CA breeding AKC registered Cane Corso Italian Mastiff puppies from champion and grand champion bloodlines.

Dog Boarding Orange County
Yorba Regional Animal Hospital and Pet Resort provides 24 hour pet emergency services in the regions of Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Orange County and Riverside County CA. We provide minute observation and recording of your pet's appetite, water intake, urination and bowel movements, and play activities. Call us at 714-921-8700 to schedule an appointment for your loving pet.

Animal Hospital Mansfield, TX
20 Animal Medical Center providing pet care by professional and friendly veterinarian in Mansfield TX and other surrounding areas. The veterinarians at our Animal Hospital are proud to offer our clients the most advanced animal care.
Mammoth Dog Beds outlet store for large breeds.

Dog Obedience Training New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana home dog obedience trainer, best dog barking training advice, dog behavior & easy dog biting training from In Control Dog Training.

Dog Collars
Shop a great selection of high quality leather dog collars for toy breeds and large dogs.

The Best Selection of Bird Cages
All kinds of bird cages, bird carriers, bird stands, bird toys, bird perches and birds food - by